Vacancy and Tender Announcements

Vacancy Announcement

The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) Myanmar is an international non-government organization serving the people of Myanmar since 2008 after Cyclone Nargis. The working approaches of LWF Myanmar are Rights Based Empowerment, Working with Government Structures and Integrated. 

Currently, LWF is facilitating rights-based empowerment process in Ann - Rakhine State, Chin, and Kayin State. LWF is assisting the IDPs, host communities in Rakhine State. Mainstreaming community based psychosocial support; gender; environment; fire safety and protection are an integral part of the program.

LWF Myanmar is looking for the qualified candidates to apply for following positions in Yangon, Chin, Kayin and Rakhine States. LWF Myanmar is an equal opportunity organisation, and qualified women are encouraged to apply.



Finance Officer (Application Deadline: 8th March 2019)

Training Officer (Application Deadline: 1st April 2019)

Training Coordinator (Application Deadline: 24th May 2019)

Consultancy for Project End Evaluation (Application Deadline: 28th May 2019)

Human Resource Management Officer (Application Deadline: 11th June 2019)

Training Officer (Application Deadline: 17th June 2019)

Communication Officer (Application Deadline: 18th June 2019)

Assistant Dialogue Officer (Bread for the World) (Application Deadline: 24th July 2019)

Community Empowerment Officer ( Livelihoods) (Application Deadline: 24th July 2019)

Rights-based Empowerment Coordinator (Application Deadline: 24th July 2019) 

Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation Coordinator (Application Deadline: 12nd August 2019)

Communication Coordinator (Application Deadline: 19th August 2019)



Finance and Admin Coordinator (Application Deadline: 21st February 2019)

Project Officer (Application Deadline: 5th March 2019)

Community Empowerment and Protection Coordinator (Application Deadline: 12th March 2019)

Monitoring Officer (Application Deadline: 12th March 2019)

Empowerment Officer (Application Deadline: 12th March 2019)

Assistant Field Officer (Application Deadline: 12th March 2019)

Assistant Education Officer (Application Deadline: 1st April 2019)

Data Management Assistant (Application Deadline: 17th April 2019)

Construction Supervisor (Application Deadline: 17th April 2019)

Assistant Project / Training Officer (Application Deadline: 17th April 2019)

Protection and Community Service Officer (Application Deadline: 10th May 2019)

Training Officer (Application Deadline: 16th May 2019)

Assistant Education Officer (Application Deadline: 16th May 2019)

Finance and Admin Coordinator (Application Deadline: 10th July 2019)

Assistant Training Officer (Application Deadline: 18th July 2019)

Assistant Education Officer (Application Deadline: 18th July 2019) 

Office/Finance Clerk (Application Deadline: 18th July 2019) 

Empowerment & Livelihood Coordinator (Application Deadline: 23rd August 2019)

Civil Engineer (Application Deadline: 23rd August 2019)

Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer (Application Deadline: 23rd August 2019)

Assistant Technical Vocational Education and Training Officer (Application Deadline: 23rd August 2019)

Assistant Empowerment & Disaster Risk Reduction Officer (Application Deadline: 23rd August 2019)

Assistant Finance Officer (Application Deadline: 23rd August 2019)

Assistant Logistics Officer (Application Deadline: 23rd August 2019)




Community Empowerment Facilitator (Application Deadline: 8th April 2019)

Finance Assistant (Application Deadline: 10th May 2019)

Finance and Admin Officer (Application Deadline: 18 th August 2019) 






Community Empowerment Facilitator (Application Deadline: 10th May 2019)


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