New Project Kick-off Workshop Conducted for three days in Yangon

All the participants from FCA, LWF, ICCO and CERA actively participating at the project kick-off workshop. (Photo: Saw Ahkhee Chel/LWF Myanmar/2018)

Prior to the Inclusive Development and Empowerment of Women in Rakhine State Project implementation, kick-off workshop is organizing at LWF Myanmar Head Office in Yangon for three days, started from 8th August to 10, 2018.

The project is designed to implement under collaboration of FCA, LWF, ICCO and CERA, with partners taking primary responsibility for implementing specific activities. The project is funded by UN-WOMEN.

Main objective of the project is to ensure effectiveness and greater impact by bringing together the experiences, complementary expertise and added value of each of the partners. LWF have respective contacts and networks on local and national levels, and LWF work in promoting women’s empowerment in conflict and post-conflict environments is known and appreciated by the local government, partners and donors.

Moreover, it is aims to increase the resiliency and self-reliance of vulnerable women in the targeted townships through income-generating opportunities and business skills creation, and promoting women's empowerment at the household and community levels.