Lwin Aung Zaw Sharing 5 years experiences with LWF Myanmar

Lwin Aung Zaw at his workplace in LWF Myanmar

To be smooth in the every step of the project implementation, effective supporting from the back wing is very essential to achieve according to work plan. For these purpose, LWF Myanmar need to have well skilled staff to bring quality outcomes.

U Lwin Aung Zaw is an active, supportive and enthusiastic staff of LWF Myanmar who working at head office as Admin & Logistics Coordinator. He joined to LWF Myanmar in 2001 as Admin & Logistics Officer and now already got for more than (5) year experience. It is good to hear motivated reasons of working with LWF Myanmar.

“LWF Myanmar is applying effective policies and providing spaces to all staff for raising feedbacks for better results. On the other hand, most of the staff is young and supportive each other so that tasks accomplishment are faster than ever. LWF Myanmar also provided opportunities based on capacities. Therefore, I feel so satisfy.”

Being professional in the role of completing the tasks is benefitted to the staff and the organization as well. When both requirements had been connected, results were more productive and working environment had become meaningful.

“Types of working environment at LWF Myanmar is valuing mutual respect and giving authority to make decision according to the position. Whenever I need any support, everyone is there to collaborate with me actively. Therefore, I am happy to work here and I myself also got well confidence to lead my team.”

LWF Myanmar is one of humanitarian organizations that working in Myanmar after Cyclone Nargis through Rights Based Empowerment Approach. At the time of Lwin Aung Zaw had joined to LWF Myanmar in 2012, organization was working with (40) staff for the whole country. In 2017, 16 projects in (3) States and (2) Regions are running with the total staff of (157). 5 Years that Lwin Aung Zaw working with LWF Myanmar is the time of growing organization. Therefore, Lwin Aung Zaw has some interesting story to share about working with LWF Myanmar.

“When I joined to LWF Myanmar, there is very few staff. The program is only operating at Delta. We had work hard together for bringing many achievements. It is very good time to observe the processes of growing the organization throughout the years and I also got opportunity to learn and apply my skill in it. I am so proud of the staff of LWF Myanmar because the organization gave me many chances to perform with confidence. It is a mile stone of achievements of my life.”

Lwin Aung Zaw was promoted as Admin & Logistics Coordinator in 2014 and managing daily work of making coordination with the government departments, initiating at the process of signing MoU and other visitors requirements with (9) staff under his management.